Clarke in the Dark
I'm not much of a morning person. I love to sleep in and it takes a lot to get me to roll out of bed. Once I get going I'll go about my daily routine but as the sun goes down my energy level begins to rise and I'm soon off to find out where the action is! All my friends call me "Clarke in the Dark". I love to party and going to clubs. Give me a place with some killer music and an awesome sound system and I'll dance till closing. There is nothing better than being out on the town with my friends as we party the night away. I've been to some unreal parties at the Playboy mansion like Hef's Midsummer Nights Dream but I can have just as much fun drinking a beer at the local bar with my friends. I'm a little on the crazy side and I like to be around others with the same carefree attitude. Who cares what everybody else thinks, lets all just have a good time!
You can see many more of my party pictures and video inside the members section so join now and see my wilder side!